Planter & Wreath 


Accessorizing with seasonal planters and wreaths is the perfect way to enhance your doorway’s appearance and welcome visitors into your home. This Winter design was created using yellow twig dogwood, cedar, magnolia, and eucalyptus. Planted the first week in January, it will look great right into March!


  • Planters start at...........$75+

  • Wreaths start at...….....$55+

Staging for Resale

Boost your listing’s curb appeal, stage the entrance!


Staging the outside of a home is every bit as important as staging it’s interior. As we know, first impressions are everything! It’s the curb appeal of a property that sets the mood for what lies ahead.  With my attention to detail, I will design what’s needed to inspire your buyers to want to see what’s beyond the doorway!

  • Planters

  • Wreaths

  • Light pruning

  • Suggestions for further landscape design

Contact me to discuss your project scope and budget.

Interior Decor & Design

It’s fun to change your indoor decor to reflect the time of year, or a special occasion. This design was done at Christmas time for this rustic family room. Next season the mantle and centerpiece will be something new and different!



  • Mantle garland starting at…..$75

  • Centerpiece starting at…..…...$55




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